Speakers and Sessions

Consistently rated a top industry event by attendees, the Conference brings together industry thought leaders and experts, financial institution peers, CPAs, auditors and regulators for three days of compelling educational content and networking. 

  • Hear the most current, accurate and insightful information on CECL from the leading authorities on CECL, including former members of the FASB staff, the Transition Resource Group, and the leading bank auditing and accounting firms
  • Hear from the CECL pacesetters, your peers who have been the most proactive in their CECL planning and preparation
  • Learn insights and strategies on how to make better loans, faster from lending & credit risk experts
  • Three days of education and networking
  • Interactive sessions with polling and open discussion
  • Networking with banking professionals, auditors and regulators
  • And enough time to enjoy the energy of Orlando within walking distance or boat from the hotel to Universal City Walk and Universal Studios.


Abrigo User Training for Abrigo Software clients

Monday, September 23, 2019 |  10 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. | Training and Lunch 

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The information is about concepts that apply to every bank whether you use Abrigo’s software or you have your own home-grown system, like ours. I get one or two really good ideas each year about something that I’ve been trying to figure out or a confirmation that something we’re doing is being done elsewhere. You can bounce ideas off people from a wide range of institutions.

Dan Ryan
Vice President Tri Counties Bank, Chico, California

2019 Speakers

More speakers being added soon.

Rob Newberry


Baker Eddraa

Senior Manager, Advisory Services

Tim McPeak

Executive Risk Management Consultant

Shane Dugan

AVP, Lending
Nutmeg State Federal Credit Union

Hays Ellis

Chief Credit Officer
Whitaker Bank Corporation

Dennis Bonatch

Financial Reporting Manager
S&T Bank

Jill Hudson

VP, Loan Operations
Vision Bank

Laura Broderick

Chief Marketing Officer

Harold “Hal” Schroeder

Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)

Anthony Porter, CPA

Business Assurance Senior Manager
Moss Adams LLP

Dave Koch

Managing Director, Advisory Services

Neill LeCorgne

Vice President of Banking

Faye Miller, CPA

Partner, National Professional Standards Group

Francisca Ventriglia

Manager, Advisory Risk Analytics

Thomas J. Parliment

Chairman & CEO
Parliment Consulting

Robert Loffink

Moss Adams LLP

Darryl Mataya

Senior Advisor

Max Blumenthal


Will Neeriemer


Steven Martin

Marcato Advisors

Dave Crenshaw

Keynote Speaker
and Best-Selling Author

Alison Trapp

Director of Client Education

Rob Ashbaugh

Senior Risk Management Consultant

Garver Moore

Managing Director, Advisory Services

Neekis Hammond, CPA

Managing Director, Advisory Services

Dale Sheller

Senior Vice President
The Baker Group

Mike Shearer, CPA

Managing Director

Gordon J Dobner, CPA

Partner (CPA)

Paula S. King, CPA

Senior Advisor, CPA

Tom Cunningham, PhD

Senior Economist
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (retired)

Graham Dyer, CPA

Partner, APG
Grant Thornton

Dorsey Baskin

Partner Emeritus | Grant Thornton LLP
Independent Advisor | Abrigo

Regan Camp

Managing Director, Advisory Services

Michael L. Gullette, CPA

Senior Vice President, Tax & Accounting
American Bankers Association

Chris Emery

Director, Strategy and Engagement

2019 Sessions

We will be adding 2019 session descriptions as they are finalized. View the Agenda here.

Roadmap to the Future: Fact vs Fiction (on CECL and Other FASB Standards)

The FASB develops standards that work not just for today, but also for the future.  To do this, FASB members and staff engage in extensive outreach and research to understand and address stakeholder questions (or misconceptions) around existing and upcoming standards. During this session, FASB Member Hal Schroeder will discuss how the FASB is doing…

T Minus 2020: Countdown to Launch

This session is specifically for SEC Registrants and entities that are adopting the standard at the end of this year, and assumes the audience will be deeply familiar with core CECL concepts and have made significant progress in their effort to implement the Update.  We will discuss common late-implementation hurdles, best practices for validation and…

Client Focus in Your Financial Institution

The 2019 JD Power U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study revealed customer satisfaction and attitudes around digital banking. This panel will look at the study and talk about opportunities to improve the client experience in financial institutions.

Establishing Risk and Governance Plans for Commercial Real Estate Lending

Commercial real estate continues to be a focus of financial firms and the agencies that regulate them. It is a source of tremendous profits and, unfortunately, tremendous risk. Many banks claimed oversight of their commercial real estate platform prior to the last recession, but that perceived oversight did not prevent the industry from incurring huge…

The Impact of CECL

What will the impact of CECL be? What will the impact of the extension of the implementation deadline mean to community financial institutions? This panel will look at examples from institutions, comparing current allowance levels to expected credit losses.

Don’t Forget About Me: Debt Securities

Under ASU 2016-13, credit loss measurement differs depending on the debt security’s classification: held-to-maturity (HTM) or available-for-sale (AFS) based on management’s investment intentions. HTM debt securities, will fall under the CECL model of the ASU. This may potentially require institutions to recognize at adoption and on an ongoing basis, credit losses on certain HTM debt…

Lessons Learned: Manage Risk. Drive Growth.

A jam-packed wrap-up session with Abrigo experts covering the major ah-ha moments of the Lending + Credit Risk Track and the CECL + Portfolio Risk Track, along with the top action items you’ll want to take back to your financial institution.

Revenge of the Can: Lessons from the Past 3 Years

Sometimes when you kick the can down the road, the can kicks back.  Learn how you can preserve optionality over the intervening three years between when you could, when you should, and when you must adopt the new standard with minimal effort.   In dynamic economic conditions, and in a shifting market landscape, we’ll show you…

Driving Deposit Growth: Who’s Responsible?

Lenders are typically trained to focus exclusively on lending products, but all borrowers are depositors somewhere. With many institutions facing liquidity pressure in order to continue funding loan growth, the question of who’s responsible for deposit growth is increasingly relevant. Do we leave it to the CFO or branch managers? Do the kind of deposits…

Disclosure Implications for Lender Financial Statements

CECL will require different and additional disclosures in respect to your allowance models, methodologies and assumptions. In this session, you’ll receive explicit examples of the disclosures, and discuss certain nuances that might otherwise go unnoticed. Presenter: Dorsey Baskin, Independent Abrigo Advisor

The Often-Forgotten Aspects of CECL

Think your institution has CECL covered? This session will highlight aspects that are often overlooked in institutions’ CECL implementation projects. Key decisions surrounding these topics are imperative in a comprehensive CECL end-to-end process and may impact other areas of the project as it progresses. Learn about requirements related to these don’t-miss assumptions, the key considerations…

Taking a Fresh Look at the End-to-End Commercial Lending Process

Rethink the way you manage your end-to-end commercial lending through technology enablement. Today, the lending process largely falls within three stages: 1. Origination: the identification of sales opportunities 2. Underwriting: the assessment and adjudication of credit risk 3. Portfolio Management: the process of ensuring repayment. With modern technology, lenders should begin underwriting before the first…

The Importance and Value of an Independent Validation – How Model Risk Governance Can Help Your Institution

With advances in technology and the rise of Big Data, organizations have dramatically increased their reliance on computational models for making business decisions. As the number and complexity of models has grown some organizations have struggled with how to best manage these tools. Does your organization have the policies, processes and procedures, as well as…

How to Consistently and Reliably Assign Risk Ratings in Your Commercial Loan Portfolio

As one of the largest overall measurements of risk, it is essential that organizations have a transparent, consistent, and replicable way of assigning and supporting their risk ratings. This will allow your institution to improve how you pool like exposures, better rank order risks, and strengthen portfolio management. In this session, learn 1) how to…

Eye on Auditors: Top CECL Concerns & How to Address Them

As CECL approaches financial institutions are wondering what their auditors are thinking. In this panel, auditors will share their areas of concern, give tips on how to best document your conclusions to avoid auditor issues, and how the auditor’s focus my change post CECL implementation. Panelists: Will Neeriemer, Partner, DHG; Gordon Dobner, Partner, BKD, LLP;…

Communicating CECL to Your Board

Join us for a mock board meeting. What questions will the board ask the CFO? What concerns will they express? What will the shareholders want to know? Members of the panel include a former CFO, now CECL Advisor, ABA’s Mike Gullette and fellow bankers. They will share the big picture, questions, concerns and strategies for…

Getting CECL Across the Finish Line

Even once the heavy lifting of data collection and methodology selection are over, financial institutions have multiple challenges as they transition from a parallel run to go-live with CECL. This session outlines several of these challenges and provides options for addressing them effectively. Speaker: Mike Shearer, Managing Director, PwC

Make Better Use of Your Data in Assessing Credit Risk

Underwriting commercial loans requires deep quantitative and qualitative analysis of the borrower. However, public data sets and risk ratings can only go so far in supplementing the quantitative analysis. As a result, commercial credit decisions too often rely on an immense amount of intuition. The best data set lenders have is the data provided by…

KEYNOTE: The Myth of Multitasking: Increase Your Value and Ability to Manage Change With the Power of Hidden Time!

What could you do with a 20% increase in productivity? With wit and wisdom, Dave will show you and your staff how to find extra time at work, without having to work weekends. You’ll learn how to uncover precious minutes and hours—that add up to extra DAYS! —hiding right under your noses. Not only that,…

CECL: The Ever-Evolving Standard?

In this panel discussion, hear from members of the TRG and auditors who have been intimately involved in studying the standard, plus learn where other commentary and direction can be found and insight into the additional commentary.

Panel on Model Validation and Audit

In this session, auditors will share keys and tips for a successful model validation and audit, plus pitfalls to avoid. Full description coming soon.

Return on Tech Investment – Measuring and Achieving Value from Fintech

You’ve chosen the vendor, signed contracts, and you’re ready to deploy. It’s the most important (and expensive) project at your organization this year. The stakes are high. So what can you do to improve the odds that your investment will pay off? This session can help you increase the likelihood of success. It will show…

Communicating the Impact of CECL to Your Board and Investors

In this mock board meeting, hear how bankers might explain the accounting change to their board and investors. Hear expected questions from the board and investors to gain greater understanding in explaining potential impacts to earnings, possible product and lending shifts and more.

CECL 101

New to the CECL conversation or want a refresher on the basics of the current expected credit loss model? This session is intended to provide an introductory-level overview of the Why, What and How of CECL, and assist attendees in establishing a foundational understanding of the new accounting standard.  This session will prove especially helpful…

State of the Financial Industry with 20/20 Vision

Banks and credit unions are facing pressure from everything from non-traditional lenders to changing customer preferences. This panel of industry experts will discuss where financial institutions are finding themselves now and what the future may hold.

The U.S. Economic Outlook

A perennial favorite, this session with Dr. Tom Cummingham, retired senior economist Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank, focuses on the economic landscape of the U.S. currently and forecasts. Learn economic indicators that impact reasonable and supportable forecasts for CECL and lending.

A Look at Rising Interest Rates and Your Financial Performance

Discussion of the future of interest rates and how they may impact your financial institution’s performance. Full description coming soon.